Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Riding

I had to test out some new products, so I thought I better get on the bike before the storm hits. I went out on the bike on Friday. It was 34 degrees F. The coldest I ever rode in. With my Gerbings heated liner, heated grips and windproof long underwear (and other layers of course!), it wasn't too bad. I've decided to add the windproof long undies to my site. Just working out details with the manufacturer. They really worked! I also found out that my bike shows a little snowflake on the screen if you ride in less than 37 degree temperature. It's like saying "hey dummy, it's cold out here. What are you doing?". I usually keep my bike out through December. I'm hoping for a few more rides this month if the weather gods cooperate!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Re-launch of VaVaVroom website

I'm so excited! Today, the VaVaVroom website is being re-launched! It is easier to navigate, has more helpful content and is much, much prettier. :)