Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, to be on the road again...

Although the weather has been cool in Chicago, I still manage to get out there on my motorbike most weekends. My Gerbing's heated jacket liner helps a lot, so does my UnWind thermal long underwear. I just purchased an UnWind thermal top and I should get a chance this week to try it out. My next purchase, in anticipation of fall, will be Gerbing's heated liner pants. I just hope they are long enough for my 34 inch inseam! It looks like they only come in men's sizes. Okay, so I hope there is room for my butt too! I think I can try them on at the closest Gerbing's dealer, Motoworks in Chicago.

On Saturday, May 10, 2008, after a nice breakfast in Elmhurst, IL, I headed out past Rockford, IL to the Rock River with my friends, Sandra, Ingrid, and Christy. Christy did a great job leading us on routes along the river and into Sterling, IL for a healthy lunch at the Organic Bite Deli & Cafe. You can see from our picture that we left satisfied. After racing after Christy for a bit, we felt we had earned a stop at DQ before heading home. We had a full day, leaving home at 7:30 am and returning at 7:30 pm - very tired.


Kurt Bihler said...

Racing after Christy? At the Blitz to Branson a guy named 'Nose' blew up his R100GS Bumble Bee on the twisty roads around Branson because of her.

Ha, you bike is still in one piece.

Denise said...

Kurt, I would like to hear that story!

Sojourner rides said...

Denise, it is nice to find you here. I learned of your presence from a friend, Crusty the Biker, who wrote about your site on his blog. It sounded like you and sure enough, here you are.

I too am in Chicago. We've met a couple of times; last time in West Bend, where you introduced me to Sandra.

BTW, I own one your great green tee shirts, which I really like.

I will link you to my blog so that others can find you.


Denise said...


Yes, of course. I remember you well. Thank you. I will link to your blog as well (as soon as I figure how!). I think I found your blog by googling. Thanks for saying hello!